This 12 metre salt water pool has been designed to create the impression of a secluded bushland water-hole, fed by natural springs.

The block on which the pool is built is surrounded on two sides by dense Australian woodland and slopes quite markedly from the house, necessitating a structural formation nearly two and a half metres high on the side away from the house.
On this side the pool coping is a timber decking which is about two and a half metres wide from pool to railing and is supported underneath by a steel framework which is secured to the pool’s structure. This element of the design, though a little challenging was included to precisely match the timber deck and handrail that is part of the dwelling and overlooks the pool. This feature unifies the pool with the house.

The rest of the pool coping, on the side nearest the house has been formed from artificial rock and another small section of timber decking. The artificial rock was created to match existing rock formations on the site. Even the entry steps to the pool have been formed from artificial rock to complete the illusion of the natural rock pool.

The depth of the pool is 2.4 metres, to allow for the safety of those who will wish to jump into the pool from on top of the rocks. In particular there is one large outcrop, that stands about a metre above the water. A water arrangement has been situated so that it appears as though a natural spring is bubbling out through a crevice in the rock and tumbling over a waterfall into the pool below. In fact, inside this rock, there is a spa hidden behind the waterfall and located in an artificial cave. The waterfall conceals a hole in the rock from which the occupants of the spa can observe the pool.

There is yet another waterfall, gushing from an artificial bush rock situated adjacent to a garden planted with native shrubs. Water falls about half a metre into a swim-out which is located in a secluded alcove in the pool, surrounded by rocks and the nearby gardens. The pool is equipped with a sand filter, an automatic pool cleaner and the interior is finished in gold pebble.

The design of this pool has achieved a sleight of hand, the creation of a masterful illusion; that of stepping out of a suburban dwelling and being instantly transported into the seclusion of a natural pond fed by spring water, deep in the heart of the Australian bush.