This extraordinary salt water spa has been constructed in a formal quadrant design, with a 4.5 metre radius. The spa has been placed so as to ensure seclusion, but spectacular water views are also available.

The spa is fully tiled in black glass tiles in the well, with a coping of reconstituted stone. The seat of the spa runs around the full radius of the quadrant, facing the feature wall that employs the same tiles. A sheer descent water feature plummets out of the wall into the pool from a height of 800 millimetres.

A feature of this remarkable spa is the use of a full grating negative wet edge system, which is finished in a light tile. Water from the spa flows over the grating into an underground balance tank.

The spa is equipped with gas heating, air blower and two 2 horsepower booster pumps, driving an astounding twelve spa jets. Even given the size of the spa, this is still a considerably higher order of comfort and spa effect than would be considered usual.

Standing on the spa coping affords a view of the waterways nearby, but the spa itself, is a place of sanctuary and elegant privacy reminiscent of the Roman baths of old.