Pebble Interiors

The latest pebble pool interior finishes give concrete swimming pools an attractive, durable, smooth and non-slip finish and create inviting sparkling water. Some popular pebble colours include white, pale blue, light green and champagne gold and the choice of flecks that reflect light, adding sparkle to the water.

While the colour of the pebble finish influences the colour of the pool water, the sky and surrounding landscape can also play a role. While a blue pebble interior can create blue coloured water, at times it can appear blue/green. And a white pebble interior can make pool water look light blue or pale green, depending on your pool’s position and the weather.

Our pool design team can assess your pool’s position and surrounds to help you choose the pebble interior that creates the look you desire.


Waterline and Feature tiles

We also offer a wide range of tiles, including ceramic and glass, in a choice of colours for your waterline and to accentuate features such as underwater ledges, water walls, retaining walls and wet edges. Aside from creating visual interest, tiles make your pool safer for swimmers by defining steps, underwater ledges and shallow swim-outs. Additionally, our pool design team offer the choice of a fully-tiled interior for concrete swimming pools and spas.

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