Lindfield Backyard Concrete Pool and Spa

Located at the rear of this home and bounded by three boundary fences, this 8.4m pool and spa was designed to fit the client’s clear brief: a family friendly pool with an integrated seating area for adult supervision.

The pool, with depths of 1.2m – 1.8m, features raised walls which were rendered and painted. Soil levels were raised to provide an L-shaped planter box which flanks two sides of the pool. A high-set day bed with LED lighting set into the base was built with a dual purpose – to create a vantage point over the pool and an area for relaxing.

On the other side of the pool a level lawn has been laid to the edge of the coping. Given the pool was built into an established lawn area, a significant amount of soil was removed during excavation.

The interior of the pool and spa is fully tiled in a royal blue colour, reflecting the blue of the sky. A light coloured stone was chosen for the coping and steps leading from the garden to the pool and blends perfectly with the colour of the retaining walls.

The pool is easily seen from the home’s living areas, so glass fencing was installed to provide an unobstructed vista.

LED underwater lighting was installed in both the pool and spa, and a gas heater to enable swimming during the cooler months. Convenience and ease of use was also a key requirement, and the pool features a jet vac pool cleaner, automatic chlorine and pH sensor controller and a hidden pool cover at the end of the pool, beneath the coping.