Castle Hill Inground Concrete Pool with Feature Wall

A striking blue and green mosaic tiled interior and matching water feature, generous entry and minimalist classic surrounds combine to create an inviting inground concrete pool with a resort-style look and feel.

With its generous size, underwater bench and steps, this pool is the perfect spot for family fun and entertaining, while the soothing sounds of the sheer decent water feature create a relaxing ambience, making it perfect for weekend staycations.

Two energy efficient LED lights illuminate the water after dark, which provides ample light for evening swims and transforms the pool into an attractive water feature. Frameless glass fencing provides requisite safety without closing off the space or inhibiting the view of the pool and water feature from the home.

Water treatment & maintenance:
A saltwater chlorinator and pH balance sensor keeps the 48,000-litres of water sparkling clean and healthy, while a 36.0m2 solar panel, pool pump and sun switch maximise the investment by significantly extending the swimming season.

Sitting unobtrusively on the pool floor is an automated in-floor cleaning system, which quietly removes dirt, leaves and debris while circulating pool chemicals.