Castle Hill Concrete Pool with Full-length Feature Wall

This expansive 10m x 3.5m-5m clean-lined inground concrete pool provides a family-friendly pool design that defines and complements the large home and garden.

A seamless transition between the pool and outdoor covered area is achieved with a glass fence and matching stone surrounds. The stone also blends with the home’s exterior and provides contrast with the rich-coloured timber sundeck and privacy screen at the rear of the pool.

Energy-efficient LED lighting enables the home’s owners to use the pool in darker hours and creates a mesmerising effect at night.

Because of the steeply sloping block, the concrete pool was structurally formed above ground with the help of concrete piers, before the pool installation was undertaken.

Water treatment & equipment:

For ease of maintenance, an in-floor pool cleaning system was installed, along with Aquaquip pool filtration.