Bella Vista Black Inground Concrete Pool and Raised Spa


We designed and built this striking black and white in ground concrete pool and raised spa in conjunction with the residence.

An eye-catching contrasting palette was created by combining a black Quartzon pool interior, Italian black glass mosaic waterline tiles that extends to the spa and white quartz stone surrounds that seamlessly extend from the outdoor dining area, cleverly integrating the pool with the house.

The classic rectangular spa sits neatly inside the timber boardwalk with a surround of natural stone coping tiles.

The entire area is given natural warmth with a timber boardwalk while a glass fence ensures uninterrupted views from the indoor living area.

At night, underwater lighting, wall planters lighting and built -flush deck lighting, creates an inviting retreat and visual feature.

Water treatment & maintenance:
All pumps and filters are by Aquaquip.