Bella Vista Concrete Freeform Pool and Spa 

This freeform concrete family pool is a generous 7m x 4 m and finished with a Pebble interior, stack stone feature wall and Rolled Pebble coping to enhance its natural look.

The pool’s easy-access ledge and easy viewing due to its close proximity to the home and large windows help makes it family friendly.

Underwater Aquaquip lights and a discrete LED light strip under the 6m long stack stone feature wall’s capping enhance its design and create a stunning feature at night.

The combination of an Astral MX400 gas heater and flat loop solar heating system extend the swimming season and create a welcoming temperature for a night time swim.

The pool has a pebble interior with navy glass waterline tiles adding a dramatic touch. An expansive, multi-toned stone feature wall further enhances the privacy and the aesthetics of the pool while a horizontal water feature creates a dramatic cascade of water.

Water treatment & maintenance:
For ease of maintenance, an in-floor cleaning system was installed, in addition to Aquaquip pool filtration.