Kellyville Inground Concrete Custom Pool and Spa

This resort-like pool and spa were installed with the new residence. We overcame the challenges of a small and confined area with a custom design and careful positioning to create a large family pool, a 4m square spa and gazebo, all while creating a spacious look.

The pool’s blue Quartzon interior is complemented with Italian glass multi-coloured mosaic tiles. Opposite the entry and spa, a feature wall faced in stack stone has stainless steel water spouts that pour water from three large pots sitting on a stepped ledge, which overflow into the pool. Natural reconstituted stone cover the surrounds.

Positioning the spa flush with the pool allows easy access and lets the water overflow via a tiled weir into the pool. At night, a multi-coloured LED light which can be set on one colour or to continually change colour, enhances the spa.

The gas-heated spa is fully automated with the convenience of an in-house control system and spa side controls. Eight jets powered by a 2Hp pump, and a full air blower grid system, ensure a relaxing experience.

Water treatment & maintenance:
The pool is filtered using a sand filter and chlorinated using a sensor dosing chlorine system.  An automatic truck pool cleaner keeps the interior clean and clear.