This formal pool and spa, was constructed in conjunction with the new residence. Limited space was available due to the proximity of the residence, and a boards sewer at the rear. Careful design was able to achieve a large family pool, incorporating a feature gazebo, and still achieve an open look in a confined area.

The pool has a stepped design, incorporating a feature spa. On the opposite side of the pool, which is the main area viewed from the residence, a stepped ledge was constructed, on which sit three large pots. Stainless waterspouts, pour water from the wall into the pots, which overflow in the pool.

This feature 4.0m² square spa is incorporated into the corner area of the pool. The spa has been set flush with the pool, with a feature full width overflow weir into the pool.

The spa has 8 spa jets powered by a 2Hp pump, and a full air blower grid system. The spa is lit at night with a multicoloured LED light which continually changes colour, or can be fixed on one colour.

The spa is gas heated, and all the spa functions are fully automated with an inhouse control system, and spa side controls. The spa provides the perfect relaxation with the flick of a switch.

The feature wall behind the pots is finished in stacked stone. The side wing walls are a render finish. The pool interior is finished in blue quartzon, which is highlighted by an Italian glass multi coloured tile. All the pool surrounds are finished in reconstituted stone. The pool is filtered using a sand filter, chlorinated using a sensor dosing chlorine system, and cleaned with a truck automatic pool cleaner.