This pool lies amidst a peaceful setting of scattered bushland in semi rural countryside. As you walk from the back patio, the pool appears in view, nestled unobtrusively amongst gardens of palms, ferns and native plants laid out in retaining walls made from old railway sleepers. This visual theme is continued in the pool coping, constructed also from brick pavers interspersed with sleepers. The paving bricks themselves are in close relationship with the bricks of the house.

To the left is an elevated gazebo made from hardwood, with a shingle roof. The gazebo is in a commanding position and features a concealed barbeque/fireplace overlooking the entire area. Adjacent to the house is the floodlit spa set amidst bushrock. Water runs from here down a waterfall in natural sandstone into the pool. Bushrock is also used to surmount the swimout near the gazebo.

Looking across the pool, one is impressed by the sense of openness enhanced by the sleeper retaining wall of the pool which not only acts as a fence but also allows an uninterrupted view of the surrounding land and the nearby dam. At the same time, there is a sense of privacy suggested by the intimacy of the gardens and the harmony with which this pool dwells within its environment.