This elegant 4 square metre salt water spa has been designed to superbly complement the house of which it forms a part. It has been designed to accommodate six people and has been equipped accordingly.

The spa is fully tiled in Italian glass mosaic tiles and has a coping of terracotta tiles, which extend up to the glass doors and windows of the house. The finish of the spa has been designed to match those of the pool adjacent.

An important feature of this spa is the inclusion of a negative wet edge system along the entire curved length of the spa opposite the house. Water runs over the spillway and into a large balanced gutter. The overflow and the gutter are finished in the same tiles as the pool.

The spa has a large seat that extends around the three sides closest the house, to take best advantage of the view over the wet edge spillway. It is equipped with lighting, gas heating, air blower and booster pump, driving 8 spa jets instead of the usual 4, providing a higher order of comfort and spa effect than normal.