Surry Hills Concrete Freeform Raised Spa

Perched atop a penthouse apartment in the Inner City suburb of Surry Hills, this fully tiled freeform swim spa gives bathers a place to relax and exercise and a bird’s eye view of Sydney’s city skyline.

With most of the building materials craned into position due to the challenges of working on a high-rise roof top, the pool design team customised the 2.4m x 2.4m, 1m deep swim spa with eight spa jets with outlets on the floor, a blower, energy efficient pumps, two LED underwater lights, and a gas heater.

The swim spa’s curvaceous design is accentuated with glass mosaic tiles that add a golden glow to the reinforced concrete structure, which wraps around a seating area that cleverly doubles as a storage facility.

A concrete alfresco kitchen and feature wall with outdoor shower allow the swim spa to do what it was designed to do: create a stunning focal point while providing a luxurious water feature for relaxation and fitness.

Water treatment & maintenance:
An automated chlorinator and pH sensor maintains water clarity and healthy chemical levels, while a cartridge filter removes dust particles and wind-blow debris.