Northbridge Concrete Raised Wet Edge Pool and Feature Spa

This magnificent formal wet edge pool completely transformed the rear area of this property. The existing area was a series of uninteresting levels all over the place.

The complete area was levelled up to the pool, and the pool stepped up 1.2m above the new-levelled area. This 1.2m set up eliminated the need for pool, fencing in front of the feature wet edge overflow, and minimal fencing was required at the step area up to the pool.

This raised feature spa is set at a level 2 steps higher than the pool.  The spa has a feature wet wall behind, from which the water flows down over the feature stone, into a lower collection pool, then into the spa, and then cascades into the pool.  The spa is enclosed by the raised feature walls, which provides protection privacy and a great overlooking of the pool wet edge, and residence below.  The spa is tiled, and is gas heated.

The full-length wet edge, wet wall, overflow facing this residence, is a magnificent feature of the residence, and the wall is finished in stacked stone.

The balance holding area, which collects all the overflow water, has a stainless steel mesh cover over the top, which makes it completely safe for small children being able to access this area, and meets the Fencing Code. The pool has a raised feature spa, on the topside, which cascades over into the pool. Behind the spa, is a feature-wet wall, again in stacked stone. The pool has a waterline tile band, and is finished in a fine white pebble interior. The surrounds are finished in reconstituted stone.